Saturday, 10 March 2018

Pretty much most of my day was spent in Gunners Park looking for the Serin which had been seen again earlier in the morning.

I walked much of the park to the east of the car park without success so after driving to nearby Shoebury to look for yesterdays reported Waxwing, which failed to make an appearance, I grabbed from food from Sainsbury's and sat in the car opposite the car park feeders and waited out the rain.

Then out of the blue the male Serin appeared. I noticed movement behind the feeders in one of the bushes which proved to be just a Goldfinch but I suddenly realised the Serin was sat behind it, albeit mostly obscured.

Out of the car and time to try and get a better view and some images. This was difficult on both counts as it remained largely within the bush so I had to make do with record shots.

It didn't linger long and after about 7 or 8 minutes it flew towards the pond and out of sight. That was it for the rest of the day despite many of the local birders searching for it later.

Not a major rarity but still a very scarce bird, this is my fourth in the SOG area, well actually the fourth in Gunners Park.