Saturday, 22 September 2018

26years Between Buntings

So today I couldn't get over to Fair Isle due to the high winds and just as we were about to leave Tingwall Aiport news of a Yellow-breasted Bunting appeared on the WhatsApp Rare bird news group.

Given the wind conditions, very strong North West, this bird was a bit of a surprise. Tore out of Tingwall and raced to Laxo ferry terminal and arrived just as the ferry was about to pull and as was quick of the mark was only 3 cars from the front of the queue.

A short ferry crossing later and a short drive to the site at Vats-Houll where the bird was seen tracked down to a ditch near the last house. It then went on to show pretty well over the next hour or so, though we kept a respectable distance as firstly given the very windy conditions we didn't want to cause the bird unwanted disturbance and secondly we didnt want to flush the bird as other birders would be arriving on the next ferry.

As a result this image here is the best I could get, it was realy difficult keeping the camera still in such windy conditions.

The only previous UK Yellow-breasted Bunting I have seen was way back on 1992 on the Farnes so a whopping 26 years ago.

There will be, and are, better images of this bird than mine but I'm satisfied with this streaky eastern bunting given the conditions.

Saturday, 15 September 2018

Stone Curlew - take two

So like buses Stone Curlew in SOG this year has put in another twitchable performance.

The bird that I found at Bowers marsh some weeks ago was the first in SOG for 20years, excluding flyovers heard at night, so was a bit of a surprise that we get another lingering bird, this time at Lower Raypits, Canewdon.

Almost the direct opposite of the Bowers bird this one required a long hike out from Lion Creek rather than the relatively short walk from the Bowers Marsh car park. From the hide the bird would show pretty close whereas the Bowers bird was always at the limits of camera range.

Still it was worth the walk as it did show well once I located it, took me half an hour.

Could it actually be the same bird as that at Bowers or a different bird; logic would dictate it is a second bird.