Saturday, 11 August 2018

Autumn arrives early

Early August saw an unpresedented arrival of Pied Flycatchers down the east and south coasts of England and the Southend area finally shared in the event. Following the first one in Gunners Park on 2nd August, 10 days earlier than the previous earliest ever local record, two were in Gunners Park by the Serin pond near the main car park. They were generally elusive and mobile but did show well on occasion for the patient observer.

The normal arrival time locally for Pied Flys is from around the 21st August onwards so at the time of this posting this is still 10 days away so I think we could be in for some more to come.

Gunners Park this day also had several Willow Wablers, also early in arriving, with the photograpahed bird along the western side of the park.

Autumn: bring it on

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