Sunday 4 February 2024

Red-breasted Goose - Wallasea Island February 2024

Long walk around Wallasea Island today was rewarded when I came across this Red-breasted Goose in the Brent Goose flock that was out on the Salt Pan near Grass Farm Lagoon. It was pretty distant so I had to resort to 'Phone Scoping' the following video. 

The quality is not great given I had to 'phone scope' the bird at distance, in poor light, with strong wind and no phone/scope adapter..maybe i really ought to invest in one. 

Anyway you can see what it is. 

It appears to be an adult and is apparently different to the bird that is across the river at Holliwell Point on south end of the Dengie as that bird is showing pale patching on the breast.


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