Thursday, 12 April 2018

Waxwing invasion; well not quite

This winter was not one of those winters that saw a Waxwing invasion with very few being seen around the country. Locally it was looking like it was going to be very difficult to get onto the local year list and we were looking to see what the end of the year may bring us. A brief lived hope came when one was seen in Shoebury a month ago but was not seen subsequently. Then one was seen around the Alton Road area of Oakengrange Drive in Southend. This sprung new hope but nothing was seen by those who visited. I had often driven along Oakengrange this winter as it has been berry central. Then a few days ago the Waxwing reappeared and went onto to show to most who went to see it, albeit it would disappeard off somewhere for long periods of time.

I had the fortune of the bird being there when I made mnmy first visit, I have been laid up with Kidney Stones for the past week and one of the rare times I was pain free I got out.

The past few days the weather has been pretty damn grey, often with thick fog, and today did see grey skies which are not the best for photography with these shots being taken with higher than normal ISO's to just get a fast enough shutter speed, lots of stopping down was also required. Still given the conditions these are not to bad.

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